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I really liked it, but what was with Luigi stuck on at the end? Kinda ruined it for me :/

Like a previous reviewer said, check out Nathaniel Milburn, you'll like his stuff, he's a great artist and animator.

DunderAxel responds:

Will do and thankthou.


That was the bitches tits.



This is really sweet man. Your parody work is really original and really funny too. It's awesome to see someone doing something apart from an egoraptor inspired parody, although I know you've done Grand Theft Awesome. I think that style has tired itself out now. The Sicksons and this were just so fresh. I really like the fact that the jokes are so obscure as well, as sometimes you don't even need to know the show, compared to other parodies where the jokes are very close to the content. Dunno if I'm rambling here.

Sweet movie, love to see more from you in whatever form (preferrably flash based).

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Ha, that was great. I am pretty sick of that preloader but it was a big prize up for grabs. Can't have enough parodies on newgrounds :)

JohnMazz responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it!

Really cool game

Heh, I only realised today that you used some of my music in the game for the underwater level. To think that this game's been out so long and I never noticed!

Great game. The difficulty was just right, not too easy and quite challenging. I can't wait for the next game, or even movie :)


I want to congratulate everyone who did this project and Luis especially for putting it together. It's great to see so many users of Newgrounds pulling together to create something like this as a community. There is no doubt that the sketchbook is filled with an amazing standard of artwork. I am actually surprised that you pulled it off and shows how little faith I have in this community but I am really glad that I've been wrong.

I can't wait until the next sketchbook tour comes around. Save me a page Luis :D

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First dubstep tune I've heard on NG, pretty sweet man. The bass to me sounds pretty decent, are you working with a woofer or just off speakers?

It is pretty filthy, I like it :) I'll need to start making some dubstep to post, spread the sub-love.

Jimbobsthebest responds:

All about the sub-love my friend. Yeah dubstep doesn't seem to be that big on NG at the moment but it does seem to be getting bigger. I just use a pair of headphones or cheap (£20) speakers to work with... bad times.

If you get round to making some dubstep send me a PM as I would love to hear it.


Amazing score man. I have to ask what program you use because those orchestral sounds are really high quality. Are they sampled, or bought as a set of samples or maybe some defaults from a specific audio program, or maybe something else altogether?
Great stuff man :)


Nice song man. Seems to be more Dance than Ambient though I think, but genre doesn't really matter. I think you were right not to add much, if any reeverb to the percussion. For one thing it adds more depth to the sound, but also makes it more prominent and focused. Theres a couple of build ups at the end which don't really seem to work. They're kinda like anti-climaxes which is a shame. Great use of percussion. The variety goes really well. Nothing seems to odd not to be there, but very varied. The riff is ok and it sounds well EQd and stuff. Nice job :)

Neogma responds:

thanx, i think i spent more time EQing this track than making the track itself. lol. however when i play it in my car i cant see out my mirrors, and thats with all my bass as low as it can go. oh well, nothing new. ^-^


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