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Too Filthy For You (Dubst Too Filthy For You (Dubst

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


First dubstep tune I've heard on NG, pretty sweet man. The bass to me sounds pretty decent, are you working with a woofer or just off speakers?

It is pretty filthy, I like it :) I'll need to start making some dubstep to post, spread the sub-love.

Jimbobsthebest responds:

All about the sub-love my friend. Yeah dubstep doesn't seem to be that big on NG at the moment but it does seem to be getting bigger. I just use a pair of headphones or cheap (£20) speakers to work with... bad times.

If you get round to making some dubstep send me a PM as I would love to hear it.

.:( Orion's Belt ):. .:( Orion's Belt ):.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Amazing score man. I have to ask what program you use because those orchestral sounds are really high quality. Are they sampled, or bought as a set of samples or maybe some defaults from a specific audio program, or maybe something else altogether?
Great stuff man :)

~Discoma~ ~Discoma~

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Nice song man. Seems to be more Dance than Ambient though I think, but genre doesn't really matter. I think you were right not to add much, if any reeverb to the percussion. For one thing it adds more depth to the sound, but also makes it more prominent and focused. Theres a couple of build ups at the end which don't really seem to work. They're kinda like anti-climaxes which is a shame. Great use of percussion. The variety goes really well. Nothing seems to odd not to be there, but very varied. The riff is ok and it sounds well EQd and stuff. Nice job :)

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Neogma responds:

thanx, i think i spent more time EQing this track than making the track itself. lol. however when i play it in my car i cant see out my mirrors, and thats with all my bass as low as it can go. oh well, nothing new. ^-^

~Castle~ ~Castle~

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cool sound

Nice pads man. What program are you using?
Sounds very 'House'. Cool glitch fill at 1:38 ish and the explosions are really cool as well, they really emphasise the beat.

You might already know, but at the end the track kinda drops in volume then gets louder and drops again. I know that's really trivial, but I couldn't really think of any other bad points to mention.

Neogma responds:

thanx alto, im sampling from an ejay program i have.
and yeah i know it drops at the end and then goes back up, i did it on purpose. ;) lol.
i had been fooling around with the song on and off for a few days and just finally got sick of it and wanted to finish it lol. thank you for the score, vote, and review. always nice to hear other's opinions.


Orc Soup Orc Soup

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Pretty neat, but like a few people have said, it kinda anti-climaxes. Try and fill out the song when it builds up so theres more happening. A good listen though, and a nice genre cross. Worked pretty well. Also maybe consider using more synth pads combined with the orchestral ones, to get more of a mix between the genres.

Trance-Hop Theme Trance-Hop Theme

Rated 4 / 5 stars


So I'm guessing Trance-Hop is Hip Hop and Trance. Some nice beats and synths going on. Just need some mad libs to go on top (or not).

SuperGoodSound responds:

Trance-Hop is actually the fusion of cute puppies and the brand new Akai MPC2000. Or yes, to put it simply: trance...and hip hop. I wonder if anyone has made gangsta style made libs yet that they can shove into their next production? That would be pretty swell.

Ode to Dm Ode to Dm

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Ha, yeh I totally hear the comparison to Muse. Pretty spacey stuff. Interesting time signature there as well. The guitars mix well into the effects and synths and whatnot. Great mixing as well.

Really nice stuff.

Firebalt responds:

Cheers mate. I had no idea who Muse were until someone told me it sounded like them... now im addicted.

Mind Thinking, Heart Pounding Mind Thinking, Heart Pounding

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad

I saw you post on the front page so I thought I'd have a look. It's a pretty good song, but I felt it needed some beat in there somewhere. Around 1 minute there's a really nice buildup but it's quite anti climatic because it feels like there should be something extra after it. Apart from that the song flows really nicely.

NewFounder responds:

Thanks for the review i'll re do it and add something to it.