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2007-07-17 20:22:52 by Slick

I can't believe the change. SO SHINY. Thanks Tom and ng staff for the work you do for this community :)

Well anybody reading this post will probably be thinking who the hell is this, as well as most of the people who have made a post on the front page so far.

I don't really want to explain who I am because that would be boring, instead I want to share some storyboards for movies that could be on their way. Kinda like a status bar on what I will be creating in the next few months.

Here's a list of the current storyboards I have on the go with links to them all:

1. http://denvish.net/ulf/180707/3356_johnny_sniper.php

2. http://denvish.net/ulf/180707/4686_yogi_dnt_b_angry.php

Not much of a list but it will expand in the next few days. If anyone has any views on maybe which one I should start on first or comments no matter how n00b they sound, then fire away.

Go look at my movies while you're here ;D



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2007-07-17 20:34:40


Slick responds:

Thanks for the comment :) You guys really have done an amazing job with the site.


2007-07-17 20:57:38

im hard

Slick responds:


Better than soft I guess


2007-07-17 22:14:40

werd. those storyboards are kickin but the 2nd one took a bit too long to build up

Slick responds:

Hmm, ok. I think it's because it's quite a loose storyboard still. Once I tidy it up and sort out the timing it'll look better. Thanks for the comment :)

This comment thing is so cool!


2007-07-19 14:43:09


Slick responds:

Hey you :]


2007-08-03 20:38:11

Can you make me a banner? PM me later.


2007-08-07 18:12:35

Johny sniper looks slick slick

Slick responds:

Thanks fuzz :]