2007-08-13 09:31:35 by Slick

I'm going away for 2 weeks on a cruise. I'll probably be able to get online while I'm there but I'll just be checking for updates on different stuff. Anyway, I shall leave with an updated list of things I'm working on:

1. Johnny Sniper

2. Angreh Gamer

3. Zelda Parody collab, which will hopefully be less generic than it sounds :(

4. Chicken thing?

5. Music Videos D:

That's about it for now.

Check out my latest movie, full of Hot Lickin Action

I leave you with a pic for ShirtTurtles Character Tag Thread on the art forum. I couldn't use the pic because Nathaniel Milburn just beat me to it :(




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2007-08-13 10:18:36

I am only commenting because you have a pretty avatar.



2007-08-13 11:42:55

im only commenting cus your saved my life in vietnam.

sa lang


2007-08-13 16:14:31

i'm only commenting because the other two did


2007-09-02 23:54:14

Cruises ROCK. I've been on only one before, but I was really young. Hope you had fun!


2007-09-07 19:07:26

oh cool, you should have shown me this!